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Breaking News in Russia: ‘Drunken’ Artillery Officers Ignored Paratroopers’ ‘Desperate’ Call for Help | World | New

Russian army units are engaged in fierce battles on the Kherson front as they seek to repel Ukraine’s counterattack. The Kyiv forces have made rapid progress and have already managed to break through the Russian defense lines in several places. Over the weekend, they maintained their momentum by liberating more villages and towns in Kherson province.

Ukrainian leaders are determined to retake the city of Kherson, which fell to Moscow at the start of the war.

The port city is located on the Black Sea and the Dnipro River and is of vital strategic importance.

Its capture would not only be a significant morale boost, but would also provide a launching pad to retake Crimea.

Russian commanders have deployed some of their most experienced and professional units to the region in a bid to foil plans to recapture Kyiv.

Among these units are Russian paratroopers, revered and feared in equal measure for their combat skills.

A detachment of paratroopers recently came under heavy fire in a battle near the Inhulets River.

As the situation grew increasingly desperate, they radioed in for artillery support.

However, their appeals went unheeded, as they were left to their fate by “drunk” artillery officers.

WarMonitor, an analyst who regularly comments on military events in Ukraine, tweeted: “Russian artillery teams near the Inhulets frontline reportedly failed to respond to desperate pleas from Russian paratroopers and provided no support- fire for hours.

“Russian sources complain of being ‘drunk’, which wouldn’t surprise me at all.”

He added: “Russian ‘elite’ paratroop units are forced into the heaviest combat in the Kherson region.

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He said: “The morale of the Russians is poor as they lack food, equipment and in many cases they have not been paid properly.

“But they still fight hard and put up fierce resistance.

“They seem to be better led than the troops in the first few months.

“Either they learn or the best fighters have been promoted to higher positions.”