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Campbell River RCMP contact explosives team after artillery shell found in junkyard

Staff at a junkyard north of Campbell River, British Columbia, had moments of anxiety on Tuesday as they awaited news from an explosives team about a strange object they had found on the premises.

Campbell River RCMP confirm they were called to a scrap metal recycling business on Duncan Bay Road on Tuesday after staff found what appeared to be an old artillery shell 28 centimeters long and 15 centimeters in diameter .

Police called in the explosive ordnance disposal team from 19 Wing Comox to deal with the situation.

“It took a few hours. You have to cordon off an area, you don’t know if it’s explosive or if it’s going to explode,” said the Campbell River RCMP constable. Maury Tyr.

“It took the experts a while because they had to get the x-rays out just to make sure there were no explosives inside,” he said.

Ultimately, Tire says it was a dummy artillery shell used years ago in training, possibly originating in Alert Bay, British Columbia. But he says it serves as a good reminder of what else might be out there.

Tire says it’s not uncommon for similar objects to be found on Vancouver Island, especially given our military history.

“It can be very common for people to come across some form of ammunition that was used by the military at some point,” he said.

“There were test ranges that were used for years, so that stuff is out there. Also, people find all kinds of random things like marine emergency flares that are used in the naval operations,” Tire said.

The Constable says it is best for the public not to touch these items and instead contact the RCMP.

“I’ve personally had people bring these marine flares and walk through the gates of the detachment with them,” he said. “Of course, that’s something that theoretically could trigger.”