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CBN’s Operation Blessing comforts refugees on Polish border: ‘An artillery shell hit the house next to ours’

Russia has said it will reduce combat operations in Ukraine around kyiv and the northern city of Cheruhiv after a series of peace talks in Turkey.

However, other explosions occurred just outside the capital overnight.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is asking his citizens to remain on high alert. “You can only trust concrete results,” he said.

The Pentagon confirms that some Russian troops are pulling out of kyiv, but suspects they are getting into position for further attacks to the east.

“Our assessment is that their intent is to reposition their forces and augment their efforts elsewhere,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said.

Peace talks should resume.

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Ukraine has offered to remain a neutral state, meaning it will not join NATO, in return for security guarantees from Russia.

Meanwhile, more than four million Ukrainians have fled the country.

When war broke out in her town, a Ukrainian mother named Ksenia made a desperate decision to take her children and flee. When they passed through Poland, the family received a warm welcome and comfort from CBN Operation Blessing.

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“When the war started, at first it was around us in Kharkiv and in the big cities,” she said. “We just heard something from afar. I saw no need to leave my homeland. Then an artillery shell hit our street.”

For Ksenia and her children, the danger continued to increase.

“Two electric poles fell and our electricity went out,” she recalls. “For three days we had no light or communication. The houses in the neighboring streets began to burn and an artillery shell hit the house next to ours. War came to our city.”

As Ksenia watched the war unfold, her main concern was to protect her children.

“It’s scary because I’m going into the unknown,” she said. “And when you have young children, it’s very hard. All I wanted to do was leave because of the explosions and the bombs. The noise was terrifying.”

Ksenia made the arduous journey to the Polish border, where she was met by an Operation Blessing team. The international humanitarian organization has partnered with a local church to provide Ksenia and her children with a warm, quiet space to rest during their journey, safe from violence in their home country.

“Right after crossing the border, without a doubt, we knew there would be someone to help us,” she recalls. “But we didn’t know that the whole world was praying for Ukraine. So many people care about us, and we are praying too.”

Thanks to our CBN donors, Operation Blessing teams are on the ground in Poland, helping refugee families like Ksenia’s with practical help and spiritual support.

“I am so grateful for this support and care,” she said. “It’s so necessary, and we love you for it.”

Operation Blessing is on the border with several types of help, including a hot tent and a food truck, ready to provide hot meals to these precious families.

Team members take the time to offer encouragement while directing refugees to the next stage of their journey. The organization is also providing vital supplies and a sense of security to as many families as possible.

Operation Blessing’s mission is to demonstrate God’s love by relieving human need and suffering from the United States to Ukraine and around the world.

*** PLEASE donate to OPERATION BLESSING relief efforts in Poland and Ukraine ***