Artillery vehicle

Creomagic conducted an artillery demonstration in Asia

Creomagic, an Israeli developer of high-speed wireless cognitive mesh technology solutions, announced that its wideband MANET radio systems demonstrated high-speed data communications and networking without streaming, during a demonstration on the field of artillery target acquisition, for an undisclosed Asian army.

The demonstration included a wide deployment of CREOEDGE vehicle radios, installed in customer vehicles and at fixed sites, as well as CREOHUB handheld tactical radios, used by forward observers. Target acquisition and adjustments were performed on our operational live video application CREOAPP C2.

“We demonstrated the rapid deployment of a mobile mesh network, transmitting multiple HD video channels, voice, coordinates, digital maps and instant text massage; supporting target acquisition, instant coordinate sharing, immediate damage assessment and shot adjustment,” explained Alex Shapochnik, co-founder and CEO.

“The war in Ukraine re-emphasizes the dominance of artillery, but also the force-multiplying effectiveness of modern communications and sensor-shooter systems,” Shapochnik said.

According to the company, by operating within typical artillery ranges in both open field and urban environments, and even beyond line of sight, we implement the concept of MANET where each additional radio is an extension of the network, improving its range and bandwidth. Additionally, our field-proven solution allows artillery units, even those using legacy weapon systems, to improve their rate of fire and probability to hit, while minimizing collateral damage and risk to civilians.