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Czech Republic offers to donate 152 mm caliber artillery ammunition to Ukraine | Defense News January 2022 Global Security Army Industry | Defense Security world news army industry year 2022

According to information released by the Czech Ministry of Defense on January 27, 2022, the Government of the Czech Republic has approved the proposal of Defense Minister Jana Černochová to grant an exception to the condition of the status of permanent overabundance of military equipment and to carry out its free transfer to Ukraine, in particular with regard to 152 mm caliber artillery ammunition.
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Soviet 152 mm howitzer. Photographed at the RUK Museum in Hamina. (Image source Wikimedia)

“We are developing sustained bilateral cooperation and supporting Ukraine on the road to democracy. We have quite a variety of options available, from political and diplomatic support to specific measures, such as this ammunition donation, which I consider an important gesture of solidarity,” said Minister Černochová.

The donation includes approximately 4,000 pieces of 152mm caliber artillery ammunition worth approximately €1.5 million and will be made under a donation agreement included in the approved motion. The purpose of this donation is to strengthen Ukraine’s national defense capability, as it has requested assistance in response to the situation which involves a concentration of major military potential by the Russian Federation on Ukrainian borders.

The Czech armed forces have a sufficient stock of 152 caliber ammunition, which is not compatible with the newly acquired NATO 155 mm caliber artillery guns. Therefore, it is not a material that would be destined to be used by the Czech Armed Forces in the years to come.

The government granted the exception to the status of permanent excess in accordance with the Property Law of the Czech Republic, which stipulates that free title deed transfers must be carried out in the public interest. This condition is met, because strengthening Ukraine’s defense posture is in the interests of the Czech Republic, as this will help to mitigate the risk of an outbreak of armed conflict in Eastern Europe .

the Ukrainian Army is equipped with towed and self-propelled howitzers using 152 mm caliber ammunition, including 2S3, 2S5, 2S19 tracked self-propelled howitzers, Dana 8×8 self-propelled howitzers and 2A36, 2A65, D-20 towed guns.

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