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Daily Ukraine briefing, April 14: Biden agrees to send artillery and helicopters to Ukraine after pleading

The BBC is warning people to ignore fake videos circulating online suggesting Ukraine was responsible for a deadly missile attack on its own civilians.

The videos, which appear to use BBC News banking, give the impression that Ukrainian armed forces were behind a missile attack on Kramatorsk railway station in eastern Ukraine on Friday. The BBC press office said: “We are aware of a fake BBC News branded video suggesting that Ukraine was responsible for last week’s missile attack on Kramatorsk railway station.”

They are taking action to have them removed and reminding people to check the stories on the BBC News website.

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Meanwhile, President Joe Biden has approved $800m (£610m) in military assistance to Ukraine, including artillery and helicopters, to bolster its defenses against a Russian offensive in the east of the country. Mr Biden announced the aid after a call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to coordinate the delivery of the assistance, which he said included artillery systems, artillery shells and armored personnel carriers. troops, as well as helicopters.

BBC warns of fake video suggesting Ukraine carried out attack on its own civilians

A mock video, believed to be from pro-Kremlin accounts, has since been shown on Russian state television and shared on social media. This is a 27-minute clip in a BBC-style explainer that says the missile’s serial number was similar to those fired by the Ukrainian military.

Below the text are graphic clips of bodies covering the ground in the aftermath of the explosion, as well as images of damaged towers across Ukraine and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky walking with military personnel.

In another part of the video, the text refers to the Ukrainian president as “Zelenskyy”, but the BBC website spells his surname as “Zelensky”.

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The fake video also claims that “military experts point out” that Ukraine is using “fake news to promote its position”.

About 4,000 civilians were in and around the Kramatorsk train station when a missile struck on Friday and 50 people were killed, according to Ukrainian authorities.

Photos from the scene showed bodies covered in tarpaulins on the ground and the remains of a rocket with the words “For Children” painted on it in Russian.

The Russian Defense Ministry denied that Russia was behind the attack.

President Zelensky and other Ukrainian leaders accused the Russian military of deliberately targeting a place where only civilians were gathered.

Biden agrees to send artillery and helicopters to Ukraine after Zelensky appeal

After a call between the two countries’ leaders, Biden agreed to provide military assistance to Ukraine.

“This new assistance package will contain many of the highly effective weapons systems we have already provided and new capabilities tailored to the broader assault we expect Russia to launch in eastern Ukraine.” , Mr. Biden said.

He added that the United States will continue to work with its allies to share additional weapons and resources as the conflict continues.

“The steady supply of weapons that the United States and its allies and partners have provided to Ukraine has been critical to supporting its fight against the Russian invasion,” Biden said.

“It contributed to (Russian President Vladimir) Putin failing in his original war aims to conquer and control Ukraine. We cannot rest now.

Mr Biden is under pressure from members of both parties in Congress to expand and accelerate US aid.

The new weapons set includes 18 US Army 155mm howitzers and 40,000 artillery shells, two air surveillance radars, 300 Switchblade armed “kamikaze” drones and 500 Javelin missiles designed to knock out tanks and other armor . Also included are 10 counter artillery radars used to track incoming artillery and other projectiles to determine their point of origin for counterattacks.

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said delivery of the materials would be expedited, but he offered no specific timeline.

China must persuade Russia to end war in Ukraine, says US Treasury Secretary

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has urged China to use its “special relationship with Russia” to persuade Vladimir Putin to end the war in Ukraine. Beijing “cannot expect the global community to uphold its calls for the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity in the future if it does not uphold those principles now,” Ms Yellen told the Atlantic Council, a group of non-partisan thinking.

His speech comes a week before the world’s finance ministers and central bank governors gather in Washington for the spring meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group.

His direct appeal to China underscores the growing frustration of the United States and its allies with a country that has only deepened its ties with Russia since the invasion of Ukraine.

“The world’s attitude toward China and its willingness to embrace deeper economic integration may well be affected by China’s reaction to our call for resolute action against Russia,” she said.

The United States and its allies have used sanctions to militarize the global economy against Russia because of its war in Ukraine.