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Democrats bring out Obama’s heavy artillery to save face midterm

Las Vegas, November 4 (IANS): Despite former US President Barack Obama’s repeated pleas to the electorate, the polarization in favor of Donald Trump in the upcoming midterm elections appears overwhelming. Obama is like the Democrats deploying the heavy artillery to prevent the return of the once beleaguered Trump whose fortunes are on the rise.

Ordinary people resent a weak White House led by Biden and seek the return of a tougher, more decisive Trump. My taxi driver was extremely upset with the economic tumult that was gripping the country. As he said, America must redefine itself again, only Trump can put the nation on this path, gun violence is an endemic problem, so is abortion, even if the economy is caught in a maelstrom .

Obama criss-crosses Arizona amid high energy and food prices, even as the yield on the two-year U.S. Treasury note hit its highest level since July 2007 on Thursday as markets weighed in on the fourth consecutive 75 basis point rate hike by the Federal Reserve. and warnings of further increases to come. In many ways, this is a triple witching hour for the United States – potentially on the cusp of a recession, a shaky White House and an extraordinary spike in inflation even as unemployment data is due later in the day. This comes at a time when the release of the consumer price index is due next week, which can only worsen the slowdown.

The Washington Post reported that Obama was on the campaign trail in Arizona when he was called out by a heckler in the crowd and quickly turned it into a broader messaging opportunity about the country’s increasingly toxic political landscape. . Democracy is in danger is the underlying message conveyed by Democrats – President Joe Biden, now mirrored by Obama.

The irony is that Obama told a heckler at a campaign event in Phoenix on Wednesday to “set up your own rally” after the individual shouted and interrupted his speech.

ABC News added that Obama continued his midterm battleground streak in Arizona on Wednesday, hoping to get Democrats out to vote so Democrats can hold the Senate and keep Holocaust deniers from getting elected. .

“Our democracy is on the ballot, and nowhere is that clearer than here in Arizona,” Obama said.

A crowd of thousands, of all ages and races, crammed inside Cesar Chavez High School in the village of Laveen, waved their phones and stamped their feet as the former president delivered a roast and a warning on what he called the “Republican cast of characters” on the Arizona ballot.

“They’ve decided it’s to their advantage to just say Donald Trump won the last election, and now they want to control the next election. And their argument has no basis in reality,” Obama said.

“If you have a Holocaust denier as governor, as senator, as secretary of state, as attorney general, then democracy as we know it may not survive in Arizona.”