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Diaclone Reboot Tactical Artillery Tread Versalter Official Images & Details

Takara continues to launch their new Tactical Mover series with the Takara Tomy Mall listing of their third release in the series with the Tactical Artillery Tread Versalter. Read on to see official translated product information and version details that will be released in Japan on July 30, 2022.

Diaclone Versalter Tread

Selling price: 6,930 yen (tax included)
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Release date: July 30, 2022
Item number: 4904810205791
Manufacturer : TAKARATOMY
Package size: W250 × H160 × D60mm

A range of tread versalters equipped with two huge artillery weapons. The body color is a low visibility military flavor based on a cool gray. Attached equipment includes a missile pistol that can also be used as a handheld weapon, a shield that splits into a clawed gauntlet, and a handgun that can be holstered.

Fully transformed into a 3-mode vehicle form, 2-legged heavy maneuvering mechanical form, complete transformation without replacement into a humanoid combat form that demonstrates maximum combat power! The combat figure with a huge cannon animates the increase of imagination.

Condensed essence of Diaclone in a body with a total height of about 10 cm The
the total height in humanoid combat form is about 10cm, which is easy to play and ideal for collection. The essence of the current Diaclone, such as figure boarding, deformation, coalescence, customization, etc., is condensed and installed. The on-board figure is a small action figure of about 3 cm Diaclone member Ver.2.0.

What is the Tactical Mover Series?

Tactical Mover Series is a new series that can be called “HARD-DIACLONE”, which is a close-up of the elements of military science fiction taste, which is one of the essence of Diaclone line with various aspects . .. Items such as worldview, time axis and hostile alien invader Walder are the same as the existing Diaclone line and develop in parallel, and the synergistic effect of the two lines will build a Diaclone world of deeper and deeper.

Product Details – Main Body (1), Bolt Mod (1), Weapon Guide Parts (2), Weapon Mount (2), Shield (2), Holster (2), Diaclone Limb / Ver. 2.0 (1), gasket (1), brochure (1), instruction manual (1)