Artillery vehicle

Eurosatory 2022: Belgium seeks interoperability with new Caesar artillery vehicles

The DGA has ordered nine Caesar 6×6 Mark II from Nexter to equip the Belgian land component from 2027.

This contract, for an undisclosed amount, is part of a Franco-Belgian intergovernmental agreement aimed at strengthening military interoperability by pooling equipment and aligning doctrines.

The Caesars will join the Jaguar and Griffon armored vehicles in the Belgian armed forces.

The Caesar 6×6 Mark II (on display at Eurosatory 2022) is a lightweight 155mm wheeled self-propelled howitzer (SPH) mounted on a truck chassis. The 6×6 configuration is air transportable in an A400M aircraft or even a C-130.

The SPH can fire six rounds per minute and refuel very quickly at 18 rounds per minute to maintain its mobility, effective protection against modern guided munitions.


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