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Faced with Western weapons, pro-Russian artillery adapted in the Donbass

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Faced with new weapons provided by the West, the superiority of Russian and pro-Russian forces in the field of artillery is obvious, particularly in Donetsk, one of the two regions of the Donbass basin.

From our special correspondent in the Donetsk region, Anis El Jabri

In this position, a few hundred meters from the Ukrainian city-fortress of Avdiivka, his name is Max. He is deputy commander of one of the pro-Russian separatist military companies in Donetsk. Sitting in the shelter next to him, one of his men eats a lunch of mashed potatoes and meatballs. Two others carefully read a plastic card.

Max assures him: the new Western artillery equipment in the hands of the Ukrainians, he has seen it in action for a long time: “ From May-June, I can’t say exactly when, but I noticed, and I was not the only one, that the enemy guns started to work differently. At first we did not understand what the enemy was using, since he himself did not produce this type of weapon, which was clearly new. »

According to the new equipment of the Ukrainians

Incessant exchanges of fire, crevices everywhere, broken tree trunks and tree branches burned by gunfire in the forest… and a strict instruction: cross the little grass lost for the cracked asphalt. Question: The danger of stepping on an invisible missile fragment. Vigilance is at all times, but here, we say, is especially adapted to the new equipment of the opposing camp, including the support of the infantry in the front line: “ It happens very quickly. If those on the front line see where the flash is coming from or hear the sound, they quickly send communications to headquarters. A map is in front of their eyes. They quickly spot and direct artillery to designated points. »

Here everyone repeats this sentence: The cannon is the god of war “. Russian and pro-Russian forces have great control over the skies anyway. In the region, fighter planes regularly fly at low altitude.