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Foreign policy expert: If Ukraine doesn’t get the necessary artillery and missiles, it will bleed – Baltic News Network

Heavy weapons supplies play the decisive role. Simply put, if Ukraine does not receive the necessary support in the form of artillery and missiles, it will collapse and will not be able to hold defensive positions. Supply delays are costing Ukrainians lives, Cambridge University foreign policy researcher Tomass Pildegovičs said in an interview with TV3 program 900 Seconds.

He said Ukrainian lives are the reason why “they openly insist on receiving artillery systems capable of hitting targets within a range of 70-80 km.”

“Regarding the hesitations of Germany and France on this subject, I believe that there are two main theories:

  • the classic theory is that Berlin and Paris are afraid that Ukraine may use these weapons to fire at targets on Russian territory. They fear to provoke Russia by such a step;
  • the cynical theory is that Germany, France and Italy don’t want the war to last too long, and they want another ceasefire, another Minsk 3. Maybe that’s why the visit [of NATO heads to Kyiv] Concerns me. The leaders of these major countries want to end the war as soon as possible so that they can restore their economic cooperation with Russia. But I must say that it is a cynical theory,” explains the foreign policy expert.

Why does the trend when Britain and the United States, and not Germany and France, take over support for Ukraine pose risks?

“That’s true, especially when it comes to military support for Ukraine. Undoubtedly, the Americans and the British play the leading roles, followed by the Poles, Czechs, Slovaks and Baltics.”

Pildegovičs also notes that the European Union plays a major economic and humanitarian role, but that it is important that it does not become a “background player”. “We clearly see some political step the EU can take to retain an important geopolitical role in the arena. A European Council meeting is scheduled for this month. During this meeting, the politicians will make the decision regarding the possible candidate status of Ukraine.”

“If the decision is made, it will be a breaking point for the attitude of Western political elites towards Ukraine.”

“It would demonstrate that we are ready to support Ukraine in a whole new way, with a long-term perspective, and that EU support is reliable,” explains the specialist.

Situation in Ukraine

“Generally it’s not good – the situation is difficult, but stable. Although we don’t see any major strategic shifts one way or the other, Russia has undoubtedly changed its tactics, allowing its army to use all the advantages of its heavy artillery and missiles to destroy the defensive positions of the Ukrainian army for a long time. distance,” says Pildegovičs.

He said the past two to three weeks have been particularly difficult for Ukraine.

According to the adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Oleksiy Arestovych, Ukraine suffers 150 deaths and up to 800 wounded soldiers every day.

“These losses are heavy and Russia is making slow territorial progress, especially in eastern Ukraine and Severodonetsk. As for the risks to Europe, there are not many major factors that point to direct military threats to Latvia or the Baltic region in general.”

“At the same time, both the hateful rhetoric from Russia and the various military exercises and other displays of force keep us on our toes.”

As for the Russian military exercises in the Baltic Sea, Pildegovičs thinks that these exercises are more a response to NATO maneuvers – the BALTOPS [annual military drills in the Baltic Sea] exercises organized by Sweden this year. “These [Russian] the drills can also be used as a bully tactic against Western countries and politicians who are still in doubt. It is an attempt to use foreign policy tools to form public opinion. Putin announced massive maneuvers in the North Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. It is a clear signal of Russia’s positioning as a superpower with global reach and ambitions,” Pildegovičs said.

Initiative and support for Ukraine

“The leaders of the Baltic States, Poland and the Czech Republic have taken the initiative, and not just in terms of rhetoric or advice, but rather concrete concrete support. As the Ukrainian Ambassador in Riga said, it is also our [Latvia’s] achievement – that Ukraine fought back for more than 100 days. If we compare this crisis with others, the crisis of 2008, when Russia attacked Georgia, or 2014, when Crimea was annexed and eastern Ukraine was invaded, our opinion is certainly worth more, our views and positions on Russia are no longer seen as something radical. »

“Our opinion has become the dominant opinion in Europe. I think we can be grateful to our representatives in the European institutions for playing a more visible role in leadership positions than in previous years. I believe we can be proud of how we appear in the general picture of Europe!’ stresses the foreign policy expert.”

The atmosphere in Ukraine

“The war has been going on for more than 100 days and the mood in Ukraine is gloomy.”

“The Russian armed forces continue to terrorize the entire Ukrainian society.”

Pildegovičs said more than 2,000 missiles have been fired at Ukraine so far. “It basically means that no one in Ukraine can feel safe. Having spent several months under such psychological pressure has left its mark. People got tired of the war and their opinions also changed. The economic consequences are also tangible. Every month, Ukraine needs injections of two to three billion to support the economy.”

He says foreign aid is important not so that “Scholz, Macron and Draghi put pressure on Zelensky to reach a Minsk 3 treaty, but so that Zelensky can count on foreign support and be sure that he has some leeway.”

Why is it important for us to remain vigilant and closely follow the situation in Ukraine?

“How can we relax if the Ukrainians don’t? They continue to fight heroically for their country.”

“The Ukrainians are wasting precious time, given the delays in the supply of heavy weapons.”

In his interview, Pildegovičs said that the British and Americans have promised heavy weapons, but there are still a matter of weeks before they reach Ukraine. “Ukrainians are dying every day, and I believe Latvians are unhappy. Prices are rising – food and fuel keep going up, but let’s not forget that the price of freedom is even higher!”

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“Peter the Great”

“Last week, Putin started talking openly about his intentions and ambitions,” the expert said. “No more stories about denazification or about Ukraine trying to develop nuclear or biological weapons in secret. Putin started comparing himself to Peter the Great, saying that Peter the Great never conquered anything – he only returned the historical territories of Russia. Putin also mentioned that Narva in Estonia is one such territory.”

“It indicates that Putin is talking openly about his ambitions – it’s empire restoration and nothing less. This means

you have to arm yourself with weapons and patience. Russia is a long-term threat.”