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From Stinger Missiles to Artillery Munitions: US, Germany and Others Send Weapons to Ukraine to Fight Russia

So far, Germany has been reluctant to send weapons and weapon systems to the conflict zone and has limited its aid to just 5,000 helmets.

A change in Germany’s position could pave the way for many other countries to provide military equipment that prevents it from being pressured by Germany. One such case is Estonia’s shipment of howitzers – artillery guns it bought from Finland but needed a nod from Germany as they were originally sold to Finland via Germany.

The Netherlands is also providing 200 Stinger missiles, 50 anti-tank guns and 400 rockets, according to reports.

Need Stinger Missiles

As Russia continues to pound Ukraine with air raids, an additional flow of lethal air defense surface to Stinger air missile is the need of the hour for Ukrainian forces.

The Stinger missile is a lightweight shoulder-launched air defense system that can be rapidly deployed by ground troops. It has been used in major conflicts and is widely used by US forces and at least 19 other countries.

Its supersonic speed, agility and a very precise guidance and control system give the weapon an operational advantage against cruise missiles and all classes of aircraft.

Weighing around 10kh, it has a range of around 8km and can target low-flying aircraft, helicopters and drones. It can hit targets flying up to 11,000 feet.

Ukraine is also hoping for the delivery of the Stinger air defense system from the United States.

Ukraine hopes to get Javelin missile from US

The Javelin missile has been a key request on the Ukrainian forces’ wish list. Even though the first batch was delivered in 2018, Ukraine is waiting for the second tranche which has been pending since 2019.

It is unclear whether delivery from the United States can take place quickly, but critical Javelin missiles could travel from Estonia and Latvia.

The Javelin is one of the world’s most advanced man-portable anti-tank missiles with a new tested range of five kilometers that is effective against tanks and armored personnel carriers carrying ground troops close to assault areas .

The Javelin was to be deployed in areas affected by the eastern Ukraine insurgency to deter Russian-backed separatist groups.

Javelins are combat hardened, widely used in conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria and are also well suited for urban warfare. In the current scenario, where Russian tanks are on the streets of Ukraine in closed areas with buildings, this could be crucial. But it is unclear whether the United States will make the delivery without delay under the announced military subsidy.

More ammo on the way

In addition to these countries, the United Kingdom will also provide logistics for the delivery of military aid and Slovakia is sending 12,000 artillery rounds.

Ammunition is also on the way from Poland and the Czech Republic.

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