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Galician technology to give Brillette’s artillery more maneuverability

Since 2019, the Brillat Artillery Group (GACA VII), based in Figueirido, has been testing and working Valga. With the Galician company Urovesa based inTo sketch a new transport vehicle which would represent “an extraordinary improvement for the logistical movements, the tactical movements” of the Army’s artillery units. This is the Uro VAMTAC SK-95, a truck that will be the new towing vehicle for the 105mm light artillery piece.

The new vehicle is going to be “an extraordinary improvement for logistical movement, tactical movement” of army artillery units.

It was three years ago that Brillat received a prototype of the vehicle, the first of the vehicles to be tested on the ground, intended to replace the old URO MAT18.16, which has already been in service for more than 20 years, and the current C is used in field artillery units for the movement of these light howitzers.

Over the years, representatives of Brilat’s GACA VII have met with the technicians and management of the Walga-based company to correct any incident that may have arisen in its operations or to research potential improvements. The unit has been tested for “The most demanding of tests”, Check the performance of the vehicle on almost any type of terrain, even the most complex terrain. After this phase, the Galician Brigade At the end of August the first twelve new VAMTAC ST5. received, so that they become the first unit in the army to have them. It is expected that now, gradually, the Volga company will fully serve this new vehicle for army artillery units.

As the Department of Defense at the time explained, this new vehicle was a . represented “Extraordinary improvements in crew member comfort against physical wear and environmental conditions during logistics moves, tactical movements as well as increased safety in tactical environments.”

Another image from the VAMTAC tests of Urovesa in the mountains of Pontevedra.

The VAMTAC ST5 SK95 is powered by a 3200cc, 6-speed, 217 HP Steyr diesel engine and 4×4 permanent all-wheel drive with transfer differential. The personnel subsystem can be Accommodation for 6 passengers, two for the driver in the front and head of the room and four for the rear crew membersBesides the ability to carry mass weapons, there is a hatch in the roof of the vehicle and a platform for accessing the external mount of the MG-42 machine gun.

This allowed for substantial improvements in the movement of these highly versatile artillery pieces and the troop itself. Finally, the vehicle loading subsystem consists of two trunks to store all the material necessary for the howitzer, increasing access to the material from the side of the vehicle, as well as the possibility of stowing personnel equipment and the necessary ammunition. There are also holes needed for supply. If you need to start a fire immediately.

The collaboration between Urovesa and Brillat saw this company recognized by the Galician Brigade with the Caballero Azor award in 2020.