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Germany supplies 18 RCH-155 cannon artillery systems to Ukraine

BERLIN ($1 = €1.00) — Ukraine is expecting a delivery of new artillery guns from Germany. Kyiv ordered 18 RCH-155 155mm cannon artillery systems from Berlin. RCH-155s are manufactured by Krauss-Maffei Wegmann [KMW] and Ukraine will pay for them through the security capacity building fund.

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In addition to the RCH-155, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are expected to receive more weapons from Germany in the coming weeks. Among them is a IRIS-T SLM battery [To be delivered in December 2022]two 227mm M270′ MARS, four 155mm PzH 2000, anti-tank missiles, drones, various armored vehicles, etc.

Although a purchase rather than a donation, the delivery of RCH-155 cannon artillery systems represents the most advanced weapons system that Germany will supply to Ukraine since the start of the war. Just three months ago, the German manufacturer KMW presented its artillery gun at the international defense and security exhibition Eurosatory, Paris, France.

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The KMW RCH 155mm/52-cal Wheeled Howitzer has a rather unusual shape, some would say funny, but when it comes to combat capability, design falls short of effectiveness. Because the KMW RCH 155mm / 52-cal wheeled howitzer is a very serious weapon. Any weapon system based on the drawings of German weapons designers deserves respect.

See what the KMW RCH 155 mm/52 cal 70 km howitzer looks like
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The KMW RCH 155mm/52-cal wheeled howitzer uses a Boxer chassis. This is a highly mobile and maneuverable wheeled howitzer. Its speed can reach 100 km/h on the road. With a single refueling of the tank, the distance of 700 km can be covered quite easily, although according to the official specifications published by KMW, the distance is more than 700 km.

The length of this wheel howitzer is 10.5 meters, the height is 3.60 meters, and the width reaches 2.99 meters. The engine is MTU and provides power up to 600 kW, which is equivalent to 804 horsepower.

RCH arming

The main weapon is a 155 mm model L52 gun. Depending on the ammunition used, the effective operational range of the gun is different: between 40 and 54 km if the howitzer fires V-LAP ammunition, and up to 70 km if it uses VULCANO ammunition. However, regardless of the type of ammunition, the KMW RCH 155mm/52-cal wheeled howitzer can fire 8-10 artillery shells per minute.

See what the KMW RCH 155 mm/52 cal 70 km howitzer looks like
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The KMW RCH 155mm/52-cal wheeled howitzer is operated by a two-man crew. This howitzer has an integrated unmanned aerial vehicle [Artillery Gun Module]. There is also ballistic protection, landmine protection, IED protection and NBC protection.

The KMW RCH 155 mm / 52 cal wheeled howitzer has autonomous navigation and fire control. All weapons systems built into the howitzer are automatic and have self-loading. The sophisticated optical configuration of day, night and thermal equipment for 360 degree surveillance is integrated into the howitzer turret.


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