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Germany to restart production of SMArt 155 artillery cartridges

BERLIN ($1 = €1.00) — New, modernized and renewed SMArt 155 artillery cartridges will be produced by Germany. The obsolete ones have long gone to Ukraine. Based on their performance during the war, Germany decided to resume production. 97.4 million euros will come from the German budget to restart production stopped years ago.

Photo credit: Mezha Media

It is necessary to develop and implement new electronic components since those used in the first batch of this ammunition are no longer produced. However, the upgraded ammunition will not be sent to Ukraine but will be used by the Germans to prepare an effective anti-tank ammunition system for delivery.

About SMArt 155

The SMArt 155 is an artillery rocket containing two sub-rockets designed to engage parachuted armored targets at a specific location after firing the detonator.

Each has a millimeter radar and an infrared sensor. The two sensors allow you to precisely locate the target. The SMArt system is effective in the fight against armored vehicles, since it has an explosively shaped charge [EFP] which allows effective destruction even of heavily armored tanks of the upper hemisphere when firing a howitzer with a barrel length of 52 calibers [Krab, PzH 2000, K9] and 22 km when firing a howitzer with a barrel length of 39 calibers [M109A3GN, M777].

The SMArt system also complies with regulations prohibiting the use of cluster munitions, due to the small number of cluster munitions and the self-destruct mechanisms it possesses. The previous batch of these missiles of the Bundeswehr, as Behoerden Spiegel writes – in 2000-2003, was about 9 thousand. rockets.

Its perception as a complete successor to cluster munitions is controversial, however, as the Germans destroyed over 300,000 of them.

Successfully used in Ukraine

Missiles of this type were delivered to Ukraine as part of military aid together with PzH 2000 howitzers and were successfully used in combat operations there. It is not known how many such missiles were delivered by Germany. However, the resumption of their production was certainly planned earlier.

Capacity preparation work is expected to continue until 2027. Berlin plans to purchase around 10,000 such munitions for 810 million euros.


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