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Germany to supply Ukraine with rockets and artillery training

(Bloomberg) —

Germany will provide Ukraine with ammunition and heavy artillery training to help repel Russian forces, according to a senior government official.

The training and ammunition are for the PzH 2000, a rapid-fire self-propelled artillery system, which the Netherlands is sending to Ukraine, said the official, who asked not to be identified as talks between allies of NATO and Ukraine are confidential. The training could be conducted in Poland or Germany, but not in Ukraine due to ongoing Russian attacks, the official said.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz has come under intense pressure, including from members of his own ruling coalition, to increase military support for Ukraine, including sending heavy weapons.

He told reporters after a video call with the G-7 and other NATO allies on Tuesday that Germany had enlisted the country’s defense contractors to help boost arms deliveries to the Ukraine after exhausting the available stocks of its own armed forces.

Instead of directly offering supplies, Germany will provide modern tanks to Eastern European countries that are ready to send Soviet-era equipment to Ukraine, which soldiers there are trained to do. operate, the government official said. The question of which NATO allies in Eastern Europe will supply Ukraine is still being negotiated, the official said.

Scholz said on Tuesday that it was important to deliver immediately available and effective weapons for the defense of Ukraine.

In his statement, the Chancellor did not mention any direct delivery of heavy weapons such as tanks from Germany. Instead, he repeated that Germany and its NATO allies must avoid becoming a party to Russia’s war.

Scholz also said Germany was ready to send more anti-tank and anti-aircraft systems and mentioned artillery ammunition without providing details.

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