Artillery vehicle

Greek militants throw paint at NATO artillery; look

Amid Russia’s intensifying offensive in Ukraine, a video has emerged showing militants in Greece throwing paint at NATO armored vehicles. In particular, railway workers refused to transport American and NATO armored vehicles from the port of Alexandra Pulis to the borders of Ukraine. People who blatantly refused to support NATO and the United States came out and can be seen throwing paint on vehicles.

Visuals show two militants standing on the right side awaiting NATO artillery. As soon as the NATO armored vehicles arrive, they start throwing paint at the NATO artillery. NATO and several other countries have pledged to provide military and financial assistance to the war-stricken nation. However, the visuals speak to a different truth showing activists in Greece wanting to stop any kind of support for Ukraine.

Ukraine accuses Russian troops of kidnapping Tavriya mayor

Amid ongoing Russian military aggression in Ukraine, the former Soviet nation has alleged Tavriya Mayor Mykola Rizak was kidnapped by Russian forces, Tavriysk City Council reported.

According to several local reports, he was not seen in the city after Russian forces arrested him on April 1. “The mayor of Tavriysk was captured by the Russians. Since the evening of April 1, there is no information about the whereabouts of the mayor of Tavriysk, Mykola Rizak. He has been detained by the Russian army,” reads -on in a message posted on Facebook by the group of the territorial community of Tavriyska.

“154 residential buildings, 27 kindergartens destroyed by Russia”: Kyiv

Ukraine said Russian troops had destroyed nearly 154 residential buildings, 20 private properties, 27 kindergartens, as well as 44 schools since the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war on February 24. As the war dragged on into the 38th day, the administration continued to say that in the capital, a team of specialists is examining the extent of infrastructure damage.

Moreover, Ukraine waged a courageous struggle against Russian forces. A day after Russian forces left the heavily contaminated Chernobyl nuclear site, the Ukrainian flag is once again visible above the plant. According to Chernobyl nuclear power plant officials, the plant’s operating staff raised it on April 2.

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