Artillery types

Gunstar; the NFT Metaverse 2D turn-based artillery game

cannon star is a game inspired by Gunbound Worms/Games and founded in 2021 by Hoang Hiep. GunStar Metaverse is a 2D turn-based artillery game that is about Binance Smart Chain network and partnered with Wings Ventures, black businesses, GuildFi, CAD Creator, Capital Magnusand a few others.

Gunstar is an exciting Play & Earn game for players (beginners to professional level) to test their skills and compete in an attempt to create the “ultimate” shooter or have the golden opportunities to engage in highly tactical games to guarantee an impressive victory. . Gunstar and Fantasy StarWorld imbue players with the experience of reality-based adventures.

How to play

In GunStar Metaverse, there are two opposing sides in a fight. Players are placed on one side and opponents can be an AI monster or a player. The arena they fight in can offer different advantages and disadvantages depending on the terrain and weather conditions such as storms and winds.

They take turns attacking with their pets and using their skills in rounds. Each animal that the player owns has two unique skills which are normal and ultimate skills. There are twenty-three types of pets which are divided into rarities from common to rarest; normal, rare, elite, legendary and high.

Players can collect pet shards from encounters, if they have collected enough, they can fuse a new pet from them. Pets can also be rented through the in-game market.

Apart from pets, players can use different items to achieve various effects. Some items teleport the player, heal their pet, allow them to shoot twice in a turn or fire a stronger shot, or even lock opponents’ items for two turns. Each victory provides experience to the character, which will strengthen the character.

Four game modes are present: two PvE modes and two PvP modes. Each fight requires a certain amount of stamina which is called a ticket and the tickets replenish over time.

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Gunstar NFT Pet System

Pets are at the center of Gunstar Metaverse. They come in different shapes, sizes, skills, rarity, and effects. Pets can be acquired in several ways:

  • Buy pet eggs from markets and hatch them.
  • Buy pets directly from other players.
  • Acquire animal fragments and merge them.

Pets are categorized into different rarities.

  • To go up
  • Legendary
  • Mythical
  • Elite
  • Rare
  • Normal
  • Test

Ascend is the highest rarity and Normal is the lowest rarity of NFT pets. Trial pets are not NFT based and are weaker than all other pets.

How to win

There are two methodologies to play and win in Gunstar Metaverse:

Free to Play: Gunstar Metaverse provides a free pet called Rosaging. This is a trial class provided to all players after creating the default game account. Rosaging can be used in PvE game mode in the mainnet version and in PvP mode released in the next updates.

It can be used in all game activities, like all other pet classes, although it is not an NFT pet and cannot be sold on Marketplace. The rosy is also weaker than all other pets, it is intended for new players to try out the game, not a long term pet.

Play to Win: Players need at least 2 NFT pets to be able to remove GSC from the game.

It takes days to remove GSC from the game which counts from the moment the NFT pets (at least 2) are sent to the player’s wallet.


The game uses two types of in-game currencies; GST token and GSC token.

$TPS token can be earned in the arena and get a ranking in the leaderboard, trade in the market, and participate in limited special events such as the open beta. It is used for staking, governance, trading NFT pets, borrowing pets from the market, and buying and selling NFT homes.

$GSC Token is developed for a purpose as a Soft-currency Game in Gunstar. It can be used in wheel of fortune to have a chance to drop items, merge pet shards into pet NFT, upgrade pets, buy tickets, pay for house rentals and transportation.

GSCs can be obtained from in-game activities such as Campaign, Daily Quests, Boss Raids, and Arena.

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