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High-precision artillery is the key to modern warfare: Director of Armaments Programs

Following the Russian aggression against Ukraine, the countries on NATO’s eastern flank began to take additional steps to strengthen their defenses. Colonel Michał Marciniak, director of Poland’s special weapons programs at the Ministry of National Defence, joined TVP World to discuss what this entails.

The interview opens with the discussion of new weapons systems purchased by Poland, signed by Polish Minister of Defense Mariusz Błaszczak. Colonel Marciniak described the Chunmoo as a sophisticated artillery system for long-range precision strikes, comparable to the famous HIMARS. The goal of the purchase is for Poland to eventually have more than 500 of the missile system.

Asked about recent suicide drone attacks in Ukraine. Colonel Marciniak explained that the UAV is a common air threat and that Poland has built substantial air defense to deal with the threat. The fact, as the colonel pointed out, is that Poland has its own drones capable of carrying out strikes.

Asked about future purchases, Mr Marciniak said Poland was taking pages from the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, and the lesson so far is that long-range precision weapons are essential for hitting command centers and important structures. Accuracy is now more preferred than quantity or even magnitude of destruction.

Asked about the choice to buy specifically from South Korea, Colonel Marciniak explained that the Asian country is very experienced and developed in the manufacture of artillery, and although it is not a NATO country , the system proposed by Korea is compatible with NATO standards. However, express delivery was what sealed the deal. Usually, the purchase of weapons, from signing to delivery, takes several years, and these are years that countries neighboring Russia may not have.

Regarding the purchase of tanks and self-propelled howitzers, Colonel Marciniak broke the various vehicles that Poland recently purchased. He looked in detail at the usefulness of each piece of equipment, as well as the different types of terrain circumstances and even the tactics they employ. Colonel Marciniak pointed out that the purchase of armaments had been going on for years. This is not only the result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but the conflict leads to a change in tactics, while confirming that Poland’s call to focus on the purchase of artillery is correct.

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