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India will host the largest artillery manufacturing plant in the world, according to Kalyani 2022 Group.

India will host the largest artillery manufacturing plant in the world, according to Kalyani 2022 Group.

The world’s largest artillery manufacturing plant, with a daily production capacity of one gun, is being built in India by the Pune-based Kalyani Group. Kalyani Group Chairman Baba Kalyani confirmed the news during DefExpo22 in Gandhinagar, saying that the company has already made the necessary financial outlay and is now aiming to increase volume.

He claimed that the Kalyani Group can produce lighter firearms with the same firepower as big guns and these guns are in high demand around the world.

Meanwhile, General Atomics, USA, a world leader in the research, engineering and production of a broad portfolio of electrostatic and advanced power and energy technologies, and Bharat Forge Limited, the world’s largest Kalyani Group vessel and the world’s largest technology solutions provider has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Per the MoU signed on Tuesday, General Atomics Magnetic System Has an Advantage (GA-EMS) and Bharat Forge will work together to develop a lithium-ion battery solution for naval platforms and submarines to meet the needs of the Indian Navy. The parties have also agreed to collaborate on permanent magnet motor projects. “We have resolutely tried to introduce specialized technologies in the country to make India self-sufficient in defense related fields.

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“Our collaboration with General Atomics is a solid step in the direction of developing Made in India solutions for the Indian Navy and establishing a strong defense technology and industrial production vertical in India. GA is a leading company in in-service Li-Ion battery solutions for naval/submarine platforms,” said Baba Kalyani.

According to Scott Forney, President of GA-EMS, his company created the Li-Ion battery after ten years of intensive research and development and has now chosen to partner with organizations like Bharat Forge, whose name for excellence and Commitment to quality is complementary. .

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According to company chairman Baba Kalyani, quoted by The Hindu Business Line, the factory will be completed in three years and will produce one gun per day, five times the current production rate.

“The capital expenditures have been done before. Just at Gandhi Nagar Military Expo 2022, Kalyani said, “Now we have to increase volumes.

The Kalyani Group is a $2.55 billion global company with expertise in high-tech manufacturing, engineering and engineered steel covering critical sectors such as automotive, industrial, energies renewables, urban infrastructure and specialty chemicals. With a global manufacturing presence and end-to-end capability, the group generates 12,000 crore in revenue annually. The organization has promoted ‘Make in India’ in various industries including aerospace and defence.

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Fuzes for different types of ammunition are developed and manufactured by Junghans Defence. To meet the stringent requirements needed in the fields of acceleration and assimilation, the design of electronic or mechanical safety mechanisms, as well as detectors and signal processing, Junghans Defense has industrial capabilities in the design and the planning of rocket systems, integrated electronics and micromechanical systems.

The future of lighter firearms: Kalyani

The president suggested that lighter platforms, such as mounted artillery, could be produced with firepower comparable to heavier models. Future Indian military forces may switch to lighter weapons like mounted rifles etc. He said we have modern technology that no one else has.

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A variety of defense platforms, such as military vehicles, drones or howitzers such as the Hindustan 52, Bharat 45, Brahma 105 and Modern Ticketed Artillery Gun System are produced by Advanced Towed Artillery Kalyani ( ATAGS).

The 155 mm 52 caliber ATAGS was created in cooperation with the Defense Advanced Development Venture research project and had a range of 48 kilometers (30 miles). The firearm undergoes environmental testing, after which commercial offers will be requested.

In a candid interview with Group MMI, Baba Kalyani, Chairman of Bharat Forge, Kalyani Family, explains how the company has always emphasized asset allocation for its expansion and provides details on its entry into several new commercial enterprises.

How was the process to become the largest forging company in the world – one of the most excellent automotive forging companies?

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Kalyani Baba Like most other businesses, the automobile industry all but disappeared for a few decades after India’s independence. Almost everything, including ancillary services and infrastructure, was expensive or non-existent. So it had to be imported. Around 1964, his father, Neelkanth Kalyani from Karad, close to Sangli, founded Bharat Forge. Over the past 50 years, it has tried and grown to become the largest forging company in India and one of the top three in the world, with expertise, design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities in metal solid materials .

They currently have manufacturing operations in the United States, Germany, Sweden, France, and India. Diversifying its holdings has always been a priority for the company in order to drive growth and reduce business risk.

Although serving the automotive industry is our primary focus, they have established a significant presence in other industrial sectors including Aerospace & Defense, Oil & Gas, Maritime, Rail and more. Their ability to fabricate metal has helped us diversify into these markets. Currently, the industrial sector accounts for approximately 44% of total fiscal 2019 revenue.

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The company was able to secure approximately $50 million in new business in fiscal year 2019, despite the global economic downturn, and our combined sales that year surpassed the 10,000 crore mark.

They’ve had many challenges along the way, but we’ve managed to overcome them all in our adventure so far. The company plans to transition from a forging company to a technology company by 2050.

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