Artillery vehicle

Indian firm announces world’s largest artillery manufacturing plant

Indian conglomerate Kalyani Group announcement that it would build the world’s largest artillery manufacturing plant in India on Tuesday.

The Hindu industry listed company president Baba Kalyani as saying the factory would be ready in three years, producing one gun a day, a fivefold increase over the current production rate.

“The capital investment has already been made. Now we have to increase the volumes,” Kalyani said at the Gandhi Nagar Defense Expo 2022.

Lighter guns in the future: Kalyani

The president hinted at making lighter platforms such as mounted artillery, but with the same firepower as heavier models.

“In future, Indian Armed Forces may opt for lighter weapons such as mounted weapons etc. And we have the technology that no one else has today,” he added.

Advanced towed artillery

Kalyani produces a range of defense platforms including military vehicles, drones and howitzers such as the Bharat 52, Bharat 45, Garuda 105 and the Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS).

Developed in conjunction with the Defense Research Development Organization, the 155mm, 52-caliber ATAGS has a range of 48 kilometers (30 miles). The weapon is undergoing environmental testing, following which commercial offers will be sought.