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Leaked file from Vladimir Putin’s leader reveals ‘heavy artillery’ brainwashing – Reuters

Kremlin brainwashing report leaked to The Dossier Center and offers insight into work behind Russia’s still active propaganda machine

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Terrifying propaganda footage of Russia ‘firing thermobaric rockets’

Leaked files, co-authored by Vladimir Putin’s chief propagandist, reveal insight into Moscow’s “heavy artillery” brainwashing techniques.

Daria Lanratova leads the Kremlin’s propaganda campaign during its invasion of Ukraine.

The 37-year-old is tasked with manipulating public opinion and changing the narrative of what has been a stuttering and so far unsuccessful war for Russia.

It’s been called the “heavy artillery” of Putin’s propaganda machine, and leaked documents have revealed how Russia is trying to counter the invasion’s growing failures on the ground.

The manual shows how Russia conducts its information warfare to “manipulate the mood of Russians, to appease the people” as well as to create a sense of patriotism, said the Dossier Center, which received the leak.

Lanratova said Russia should provide “more positive information about the course of the [military] transaction”.

Daria Lantratova, 37, chief Kremlin propagandist


social networks / East2west News)

She added that this must include “examples of heroism, fighting spirit, unity of the army, correct and professional working methods, assistance to refugees and civilians”.

His propaganda book exposed the lies and manipulative messages Moscow had pushed to justify its invasion of Ukraine.

This included claims such as “Ukraine was preparing to attack Donbass”, “the Ukrainian population was used for psychological experiments by the Americans as guinea pigs” and “Russia launched a special operation just in time, protecting Donbass and its future”. .

In addition to this, he stressed the need to present the “backbone of the Ukrainian armed forces” as “radical nationalists, foreign mercenaries and repeat criminals”.

The 37-year-old spent ten years as a Russian civil servant before assuming her role as head of the Kremlin’s propaganda machine.


social networks / East2west News)

When she took office, she said, “We must make the results of the Party’s work visible and understandable to everyone.”


social networks / East2west News)

It is also to allege that the government of Volodymyr Zelensky had “released tens of thousands of prisoners, including those convicted of particularly serious crimes (murderers, rapists, members of organized criminal groups, etc.)”.

And that they “delivered them arms under the obligation to participate in hostilities” against Russian troops.

The playbook is not only intended for use in government, but also for state media and loyal social media influencers, who have been ordered to pit “good” Russian soldiers against ” bad” Ukrainian forces.

An image to illustrate this shows a Ukrainian serviceman hiding behind a pram – while the Russian stands in front.

“That’s the difference,” the caption says.

Lanratova also advocated for the pro-war Z slogan that was painted on tanks and other Russian military vehicles, she called it a litmus test of patriotism.

The Russian propaganda machine has been running at full speed since invading Ukraine in late February, trying to justify the attack


social networks / East2west News)

The training manual was dated March 12 and called for influencing public opinion in five key areas.

They are: “Protecting Russia and Donbass, supporting Putin and military operations, winning the information war, reversing the negative impact of sanctions and countering anti-war protests.

They want Putin to be seen thanking Russians for taking in refugees from the separatist region of Donbass.

Its message should be: “Russian support suggests that the decision to carry out the operation was made correctly.”

She says: “It is necessary to support the heroic images of Russian servicemen risking their lives for the security of Russia and the establishment of peace in the Donbass.

The filing stressed that to turn the sanctions into good news, they would have to focus on Russian producers filling the gaps left in the market.

Camembert and Brie would be replaced by products from Bashkir cheesemakers, he claimed, and Stavropol fashion designers were ready to replace synthetic foreign brands with domestic clothes made from natural fabrics.

The unprovoked invasion of neighboring Ukraine by Russian forces under the command of President Vladimir Putin has caused bloodshed and chaos.

With Putin’s troops bombing towns across Ukraine and the national army vowing to fight to the death to defend their land, observers fear the death toll could be huge.

On Sunday February 27, the Ukrainian Minister of Health reported that at least 352 Ukrainian civilians have been killed since the start of the Russian invasion and more than 1,000 wounded.

On March 1, Ukraine claimed to have killed 5,710 Russian soldiers since the start of the invasion.

These claims have not yet been independently verified, but a United Nations human rights monitoring team has confirmed over 500 civilian casualties in Ukraine.

At least 136 people have been killed, including 13 children, according to a UN report on Tuesday.

Bachelet, addressing the opening session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, previously said: “Most of these civilians were killed by explosive weapons with a wide area of ​​impact, including bombings of heavy artillery and multiple rocket launchers, and air strikes. the actual numbers are, I fear, considerably higher.”

It comes as Ukraine’s president on Tuesday accused Russia of “state terrorism” after the indiscriminate shelling of Kharkiv.

The withdrawal of financial companies such as Visa and Mastercard also meant that the West could no longer send money to Putin’s critics to undermine the Kremlin.

“By their decision, Visa and Mastercard are helping the Russian political system to get rid of these “detractors” who play under the dictation of the West. A small but typical example of the stupidity and inconsistency of sanctions. she added.

She claimed that Putin’s critics could no longer receive funds to fund their attempts to undermine the Kremlin.

She demanded that positive stories be told to Russians, including Russian manufacturers in Karelia that were supposed to replace Coca-Cola.

He also ordered all officials to stay upbeat and optimistic on their social media.

Lanratova was a civil servant before moving to the main pro-Putin United Russia political party and she quit using Facebook in 2014 with the message: ‘Putin’s friends don’t have an overseas account’.

Its co-author is Andrei Gribanov, who has almost no trace in public sources.

The Dossier Center is backed by exiled Russian tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who was jailed for a decade by Russian courts on “political charges”.

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