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Live updates on the Ukraine-Russia crisis: UN meeting, possible invasion and artillery bombardment

Conflicting evidence on whether Russia is withdrawing its troops

While some German media are reporting that Russia is showing signs of retreating from its positions around Ukraine, the United States today published a very different story.

During testimony before the UN Security Council, Secretary Blinken said the United States and its allies “don’t know precisely how things will play out, but here’s what the world can expect see unfold. In fact, it is unfolding right now, today, as Russia embarks on the path to war and rekindles the threat of military action.”

This clearly runs counter to reports that Russia plans to move troops out of the region. Additionally, Sec. Blinken continued the message that Russia might be planning a false flag operation as a “pretext for its attack.” Yesterday, Russia announced that it was opening an investigation into the possibility of mass graves discovered in Ukraine. Some report that this could be part of his pretext for the invasion.

“It could be a so-called ‘terrorist’ bombing inside Russia, the fabricated discovery of a mass grave, a drone attack on civilians, or a fake – if not a real – chemical weapons attack,” the secretary of state said during his speech. Remarks.