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Metinvest donates 9 million UAH of satellite artillery fire control systems to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Mining and metallurgical group Metinvest under Rinat Akhmetov’s Steel Front military initiative acquired 15 satellite artillery fire control systems for Ukrainian defenders, donating about 9 million UAH for equipment modern.

According to the company’s report on Wednesday, Metinvest systematically supplies the front with reconnaissance devices and modern devices for carrying out special operations.

At the same time, this equipment is used to adjust artillery fire. They are equipped with satellite communication devices, thermal imagers, rangefinders and GSM modules. One system costs about 600,000 UAH, and the lot is worth about 9 million UAH.

“There are only a few such devices left in Europe. It took us four months to bring this equipment from different countries. Metinvest Group is well aware of the importance of helping Ukrainian defenders. Thus, the initiative Rinat Akhmetov’s Steel Front military buys for our fighters exactly what gives them a material advantage on the battlefield, ”said Oleksandr Vodoviz, head of the project office of the CEO of the Metinvest Group, as quoted by the press service.

In turn, Andriy Yusov, spokesman for defense intelligence of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, said that the accuracy of fire requires modern equipment, which is still lacking on the front lines.

“Intelligence officers and mortar/artillery fire spotters need it. The Armed Forces of Ukraine also use it to direct aircraft to enemy targets. Therefore, this equipment is exactly what our military needs to accomplish their combat missions,” Yusov said.

According to the press release, Metinvest systematically and regularly contributes to the supply of equipment for defenders of Ukraine. So, recently, the company handed over 110 modern thermal imaging sights worth 11 million UAH to representatives of defense intelligence. In total, since the beginning of the war, the company has provided 1.3 billion UAH to support the army and the military.