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Ministry of Defense approves contract for Polish elements for US and Korean artillery – The First News

Tomasz Gzell/PAP

A framework agreement for the delivery of elements for the American and Korean Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MRLS) was approved on Wednesday by the Polish Minister of Defense.

The agreement between the Armaments Agency and the PGZ-WWR consortium defines the terms and conditions for the conclusion of executive contracts for the incorporation of elements produced in Poland, including vehicles and communication equipment, into the M142 HIMARS and K239 Chunmoo systems.

“We are constantly strengthening the Polish Armed Forces,” said Mariusz Blaszczak, adding that the systems to be imported from the United States and South Korea would be supplemented with the Jelcz chassis to carry the HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) as well as the acknowledgement. vehicles, ammunition, communications equipment and unmanned aerial vehicles, all produced by the Polish defense conglomerate PGZ.

“All of these will create a unified construction in the form of artillery launcher systems that have proven themselves very well in the war in Ukraine,” he said. “We all know perfectly well that it is an extremely effective weapon. In the hands of the Ukrainians, it made it possible to repel the Russian attacks.”

The Minister of Defense added that the agreement strengthens the Polish armed forces.

“The first Chunmoo launchers, mounted on Jelcz trucks, will be here next year, so it’s definitely a very big achievement,” he said.

Poland ordered 20 HIMARS launchers from the United States in 2019 and recently sent a request for quotation for an additional 500 launchers.