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New $725 million Ukraine aid package includes more HIMARS artillery and munitions – Pentagon

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News/Sputnik – Oct. 15, 2022) The recently announced $725 million military assistance package for Ukraine includes more High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) ammunition and shells. additional 155mm artillery, the US Department of Defense said.

“This new Security Assistance Pack includes: additional ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS); 23,000 155mm artillery shells; 500 155mm guided artillery shells accuracy,” the Defense Department said in a press release on Friday.

The package also includes 5,000 anti-tank weapons, additional high-velocity anti-radiation missiles (HARMs), more than 200 high-mobility multi-purpose wheeled vehicles and more than two million small arms ammunition, according to the statement.

The Ministry of Defense noted that Spain has announced that it will provide four HAWK launchers to strengthen Ukraine’s air defense and that Germany recently delivered the first of four IRIS-T air defense systems committed to Ukraine and intends to deliver more MARS rocket and howitzer systems, the statement added. .

The United States has provided Ukraine about $17.6 billion in military assistance since the start of Russia’s special military operation on Feb. 24, the statement said.