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Nexter 105LG artillery guns for Senegal

Nexter will supply eight 105LG artillery guns and Arrowtech ERG 3 105mm long-range ammunition to the Senegalese Armed Forces.


Press release, Versailles, April 28, 2022: Nexter’s contract to supply the Senegalese Armed Forces with eight 105 LG guns and 105 mm ammunition came into effect on April 20.

The 105LG is a 105 mm towed artillery gun renowned for its reliability and unmatched lightness (1,650 kg). Its ability to be transported by any type of vehicle, plane, helicopter and even parachute, ensures ideal mobility for troops operating in extreme climates and difficult terrain. The Senegalese army chose this gun because it perfectly meets the requirements of modern combat: thanks to its lightness and its unequaled rate of fire, it can be put into action in less than 30 seconds by a crew of five gunners, firing twelve shots per minute at a maximum range of 17 km using Nexter Arrowtech’s ERG 3 105mm long-range ammunition. If necessary, it can escape detection by trajectory radars thanks to the very low arrow of its trajectories in straight fire, up to a range of 11km. It is also capable of direct firing up to 2 km.

The 105 LG, qualified by the French army, is already in service in the armies of many countries: Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, and very recently Malaysia, which confirms the renewed interest in the artillery of this caliber in the world. In addition, this contract with the Armed Forces of Senegal is the first direct sale between Nexter and the Armed Forces of Senegal. It comes shortly after Nexter supplied the six NARWHAL remote-controlled marines that equip the three patrol boats ordered for the Senegalese Navy.

Dominique Guillet, director of the Arms and Ammunition business unit of Nexter, was delighted with this transfer which “initiates a fruitful cooperation between Nexter and the Armed Forces of Senegal”.