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Nexter will develop the Caesar 6X6 Mark II NG artillery system

Nexter has secured a contract to develop the Caesar 6X6 Mark II next-generation (NG) artillery system.

The contract was awarded by the program prime contractor, the Directorate General for Armaments (DGA).

As agreed, the contract will include an initial four-year development and qualification phase, after which the artillery system will enter production.

The new Caesars 6X6 Mark II will have the same configuration as the existing systems, with key improvements in crew protection and mobility.

The new artillery systems will include a level two mine and a ballistic armored cabin to provide protection against improvised explosive devices and small caliber munitions.

It will be powered by a new engine, and will have a new automatic gearbox and a new chassis.

The Caesar 6X6 Mark II will also have the latest version of the fire control software, with a cad capable of accommodating the new CONTACT radio.

The total number of artillery systems to be manufactured is not yet finalized.

According to a press release from Nexter, the DGA could choose to move forward with the production of 109 new systems, or to manufacture 33 new systems, and to modernize 76 Caesars currently in service.

The decision is expected in 2024.

A total of 109 systems are expected to be delivered to French army artillery regiments by 2031.

Nexter will also provide a first flat-rate support service for artillery systems for two years.

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