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NPA finds and removes 37 unexploded artillery shells in Tan Vinh village in Vietnam

Photo: Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA)

While carrying out a technical survey in Tan Vinh village of Huong Tan commune in Quang Tri province on January 12, NPA/RENEW teams detected a cache of anti-aircraft artillery shells in a coffee plantation of a local villager.

According to a Postcode declarationa total of 37 unexploded artillery shells were found and removed from the garden for safe disposal.

NPA/RENEW’s operational area is adjacent to the former Khe Sanh Combat Base, also known as Ta Con Airstrip. In 1968, this area hosted the brutal 77-day battle between the North Vietnamese Army against US Marines and the South Vietnamese Army.

After six days of work, NPA/RENEW teams have inspected 372,000 square meters of land, found and safely destroyed more than 110 cluster munitions and other explosive ordnance. It is expected that by mid-February 2022, teams will complete defining contaminated areas for full clearance so that residents have safe land for normal use and further development, NPA said.

In the statement, NPA also thanked the United States government 🇺🇸 for supporting the NPA/RENEW investigation and mine clearance in Quang Tri province.

Photo: Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA)