Artillery price

People pay for personal messages to be put on Ukrainian artillery shells

“Send your message to the Russian invaders!” says the site

People pay hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars to have personalized messages written on army weapons which are then used by Ukrainian soldiers to attack Russian forces.

From marriage proposals to witty phrases, hundreds of people around the world have paid to have their own creative comments tagged on projectiles.

“This one is a gay bomb”, “From Silicon Valley with love” and “Fighting fascism is a full time job” are just some of the phrases that have been requested, the New York Times reports. is the most popular website offering “artillery shipments”, with all donations going to support Ukraine.

The idea is simple: the soldiers on the front line write the requested messages on artillery shells in indelible marker which are then fired at the Russian soldiers.

“You will receive a photo of your signed shell or a video of its firing,” the website explains, “Or you can even sign an M777 howitzer.”

SignMyRocket was started by Anton Sokolenko, a 21-year-old computer science student. He started volunteering for the “Military, Veteran and Family Assistance Center” in March and wanted to help the NGO following a drop in donations.

More than 200 permanent markers were sent to frontline soldiers, whom Sokolenko came into contact with through word of mouth and the charity’s military contacts. The website raised over $200,000 in less than three months.

The cost of obtaining a personal message depends on the weapon. A message on a howitzer shell will set you back $150, while one written on the side of a tank turret will set you back $3,000.

The charity has used the proceeds to provide frontline soldiers with cars, drones and optical equipment as they continue to fight against Russian forces amid the ongoing war.

Addressing the New York Times, Organizer Sokolenko said: “It’s not very official and not very authoritative. But they kind of need to because we can give them things that our government can’t give them right now.

JOE contacted the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense for comment.

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