Artillery vehicle

Polish “FlyEyes” of the Ukrainian artillery [VIDEO]

Photo. Ukrainian National Guard

The FlyEye drones of the Polish group WB are associated with the Turkish Bayraktar systems of the Ukrainian armed forces. Nevertheless, the former UAV is overshadowed by the second. The Polish platform has been used frequently in far eastern Ukraine, often targeted by Russian electronic warfare assets. So far, none of the drones operated by the Ukrainians have been lost. Currently, FlyEye platforms are effectively used to direct artillery fire.

The recording here shows images captured by FlyEye, which are used to designate targets for Ukrainian artillery: here, a Russian unit hiding in an industrial complex. Russian vehicles can be seen here. The bombardment, meanwhile, is carried out by Ukrainian means of artillery with tubes. The guns above most likely include the 152mm Giatsint-B or Msta-B guns.

FlyEye drones are now used by the Ukrainian army since 2015. Due to the high resilience shown by electronic countermeasures, instead of being used in artillery units, they are often employed by Ukrainian SOF . Currently, the FlyEye is used more and more frequently as an artillery reconnaissance tool.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, referring to information provided by the WB group, claims that FlyEye drones can fly at a speed of between 50 and 170 km/h, at an altitude of up to 4,000 meters for at least 3 hours . The on-board C2 system allows the drone to operate 30 to 50 kilometers from the control station.

Reconnaissance data is transmitted in real time, while an accurate surveillance system allows day and night operations, and also provides fairly accurate positioning data for the drone and the object observed. This, in turn, makes it possible to immediately adjust firing solutions and base further adjustment by reference to the actual point of impact.

Ukraine is also extensively testing the concept of pairing, between the FlyEye drone and Warmate roving ammunition. The aircraft, as well as the warheads, in 3 different versions, were manufactured by a local company CheZaRa based in Chernihiv.