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Putin’s artillery devastated by Ukrainian military attack using US howitzers – VIDEO | World | New

Kremlin forces suffered a critical loss in an attack by the Ukrainian 81st Airmobile Brigade.

A group of Russian 2S3 Akatsiya units was devastated by a strategic attack by Ukrainian military forces against Vladimir Putin’s invaders.

Video footage from Ukraine showed craters in the ground after the attack, alongside the remains of a collection of Russian artillery vehicles.

The Ukrainian military brigade responsible for the destruction effectively used US-supplied M777 howitzers to attack the Kremlin army.

America has officially committed to supplying the Ukrainian defense with 108 M777 155mm howitzers as well as 90 tactical vehicles to tow this armament.

In addition, the United States has agreed to provide over 220,000 155mm artillery shells for use by ground forces operating the howitzers.

In several statements from the US Department of Defense throughout June, America has steadily increased the supply of howitzer weapons as artillery has proven to be adequate for Ukrainian defense needs.

President Zelensky thanked US officials for providing military aid, as he said he was “grateful” for US support and said advanced weapons such as ground-towed howitzer units were “particularly important.” for our defence.”

In comparison, the Kremlin would struggle to maintain an adequate supply of artillery for frontline invading forces in the absence of Russia’s international alliances.

According to intelligence on the conflict, Putin’s forces used increasingly obsolete equipment as military supplies became scarce.

The 2S3 Akatsiya units destroyed in the video are Soviet self-propelled guns that first entered service in the 1970s.

The Kremlin has reportedly become increasingly dependent on obsolete Soviet weaponry to continue the conflict as Russian military forces struggle to establish reliable supply routes from Moscow.

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Britain’s Ministry of Defense has warned that Russia’s reliance on obsolete weapons could lead to further Ukrainian civilian casualties as missile strikes and other attacks become less accurate in the absence of modern systems.

A strike on Ukraine’s Kremenchuk shopping mall on Monday resulted in the deaths of at least 20 civilians, Governor Dmytro Lunin confirmed.

An intelligence report said: “There is a realistic possibility that the missile strike on Kremenchuk Mall on June 27, 2022 was intended to hit a nearby infrastructure target.

“The shortage of more modern precision strike weapons in Russia and the lack of professionalism of their targeting planners will most likely result in further civilian casualties.”

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