Artillery vehicle

Record distance fired by the Excalibur artillery bullet

The French defense company Nexter demonstrated the compatibility of its Caesar self-propelled howitzer with the Excalibur artillery projectile recently tested firing the Raytheon cartridge used by the US military.

“During the demonstration, the Excalibur fired by Caesar directly hit two targets at a range of more than 46 kilometers (28.5 miles), a record range for the gun system,” Raytheon revealed.

The demonstration is important to Caesar, as the company hopes to be selected for the US Army’s new wheeled artillery system.

In addition, it promises interoperability between the American-made ammunition and the French gun, which is in service with the French army and has been ordered by three other NATO members: Belgium, the Czech Republic and Denmark. .

Compatible with other systems

The GPS-guided bullet – with a “radial miss distance of less than two meters from the target” – has proven compatibility with artillery such as the M777, M109, M198 series, Archer, PzH2000 and SIAC used with several soldiers.

“Integration with Caesar now adds a level of mobility to Excalibur’s proven long-range accuracy, providing the U.S. military and partner nations more flexibility for this advanced, versatile weapons system for contested environments. “, Vice President of Land Warfare & Air Defense at Raytheon Sam Deneke noted.

“This success highlights the interoperability of a French howitzer with American ammunition and gives our customers more options for deploying Excalibur artillery from a range of platforms.”

155 MM precision Excalibur projectile. Image: US Army

Other releases

Raytheon developed the bullet guidance system while Sweden’s BAE Systems Bofors developed its body, ballistics and payload.

Raytheon is also developing a version with a semi-active laser seeker “to hit moving targets” and those “without precise location information”.

The tour will be able to overcome GPS jamming. The company said a sea-based 5-inch variant is also in development that will have double the range of conventional 5-inch ammunition.