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Revealed, for 6 months America sent 806,000 artillery shells to Ukraine

The United States (US) has delivered 806,000 155mm field artillery rounds to Ukraine over the past six months. photo/diplomat/bulgarian army

Washington , The United States of America (US) 806,000. have sent balls 155mm field artillery in Ukraine for the past six months. This delivery of field artillery shells had the effect of reducing the American arsenal to a “very low” level.

The leaked data raised concerns within the US Department of Defense. Although there is no official information so far on the exact amount of 155mm field artillery ammunition in the US Army arsenal.

Quoted from the Bulgarian military page, Thursday (1/9/2022), from 1999 to the present, the US military has purchased a total of 3,000,000 artillery shells, caliber 155mm. This means that during the 6 months of the war, about 27% of 155 mm caliber artillery shells were delivered to Ukraine.

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Given the drop in ammunition purchases for nearly 20 years, there are fears that the vacancy left by the effects of the Ukraine-Russia war will be filled anytime soon. To fill the empty stock of field artillery shells in the arsenal, the US government is in talks with companies producing 155mm ammunition.

This fact overloaded ammunition enterprises and they were forced to open new production lines. Studies by the US Department of Defense show that this production is still not sufficient to replenish the stock of a full arsenal.

A Pentagon representative said the level of such munitions in US warehouses was “very low”. The war in Ukraine gradually reduced its numbers and drastically reduced the supplies of the American army.

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Political circles in Washington criticized the Pentagon and the US government for the delivery of this 155mm artillery shell. Criticism intensified when it was revealed that 806,000 155mm artillery shells had been delivered to Ukraine from February 24 to August 24.

Critics became even fiercer when it was also revealed that the 155mm ammunition supply was “too short”. A US defense official said, “The level is not important, but it is not the level at which we want to wage war.”

The United States has sent various aid packages to Ukraine in recent months. This includes artillery missiles, 105/155mm howitzer systems, weapon detection radars, air-to-surface missiles, air defense systems, and anti-ship and anti-tank missiles.

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