Artillery vehicle

RoF 6 rpm, initial speed 820 m/s

ROME, ($1 = 0.96 euros) — Italy will supply the Ukrainian Armed Forces with the FH70 towed howitzer, which fires all standard NATO 155 mm ammunition. The Italian government will provide additional quantities of ammunition, anti-tank weapons, mortars, Stinger MANPADS and light and heavy machine guns. The information was published in the online edition of ” the Republic “.

Photo: Wikipedia

Since the start of the war in Ukraine on February 24, Rome has set up a system of assistance for refugees from Ukraine and was one of the first countries to declare and publicly announce the first package of military aid to Kyiv. . At the end of April, the Italian leadership adopted a second decision to send a second batch of weapons and systems to help the Ukrainian army.

Italy has quantities of various armored combat and artillery equipment. In the public sphere, various sources and media spoke about the supply of 155 mm artillery howitzers PzH 2000, M109L, as well as Sidam 25 chain armored vehicles for air defense, M113A1 and VCCArmo, followed by APC Personal Carrier), light and tactical Vehicles V9090 LMV 4×4.

There are 163 FH70 155mm howitzers in the inventory of the Italian army, but according to the plans of the Ministry of Defense, only 90 units should remain. This means that 73 units of this model of towed howitzers can be inspected, repaired [if necessary] and not a small part sent to Ukraine. Another model of howitzer armament in Italy is the 105 mm Oto Melara Mod 56 [25 units].

About the FH70 howitzer

Ukraine receives FN70 155 mm artillery: RoF 6 rpm, muzzle velocity 820 m/s
Photo: Wikimedia

The FH70 was designed in the mid-1970s and has been in service since 1978. Three countries are involved in the development and production of the UK, Germany and Italy. The United Kingdom and Germany have already decommissioned this model of howitzer, but it is still operated by Estonia, Japan, Lebanon, Morocco, the Netherlands, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

The FH70 documented one involved in the conflict – the Lebanese Civil War that lasted from 1975 to 1990. The maximum mass of the howitzer can reach 9.6 tons. It is 9.8m long [32 ft 2 in]2.2m wide [7 ft 3 in] and 2.5m high [8 ft 2 in]. It is made up of a crew of eight people.

The howitzer is 155 mm caliber, the carriage is divided into drag, sole, auxiliary power unit and hydraulics, and its elevation is from -5 ° to + 70 ° [-100 to +1,250 mils]. In maximum usage mode, it can fire 3 artillery shells in 15 seconds, but the normal rate of fire is 6 rounds per minute. The initial speed on ФН70 is 827 m / s [2,710 ft / s]the effective firing range is 24-30 km [15 – 18 mi] depending on ammo.


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