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Royal Canadian Artillery Cadets from Fort Erie 2966 take aim

There’s a lot more to do than just stand and take orders. As a cadet, you can learn many skills that will help you later.

The Royal Canadian Artillery Cadets at Fort Erie 2966, which operate out of 350 Bertie Street, the former Ontario Welcome Centre, have seen a number of new people join.

Captain Ric Harry said six cadets have joined since returning to in-person meetings. There are currently 39 cadets in total, he said.

A total of 25 cadets showed up for the optional training.

Second Lieutenant Jessica Carthew, the squadron’s administrative officer, said the cadets were practicing their marksmanship.

She said corps cadets have had success in shooting competitions, including in the UK.

Harry said marksmanship is a small part of what they do. They also learn skills during treks and bivouacs. These skills include things like how to start a fire without matches, read a map, build an improved shelter, and many more skills.

Harry explained that when cadets learn marksmanship, they practice relaxing and calming down. Only then, he says, do the cadets pull the trigger to fire a pellet.

Harry said the cadets resumed in-person meetings earlier this month. Prior to that, Harry said, they had moved their programming online.

The group is open to young people from 12 to 19 years old. There are no membership fees, no cost for any activity and uniforms are all provided. Other skills learned include marksmanship, bivouac and trekking.

Harry said the cadet is a peer-led program. More senior cadets are helping run things, he said.

During the training exercise, more experienced members assisted their fellow cadets with advice and guidance.

The corps was established in 1979 with the goal of fostering leadership, team building, citizenship, physical fitness, camping, and the development of self-discipline.

Anyone interested in learning more about the cadet program can do so by contacting the group at [email protected]

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