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Russia buys artillery ammunition from North Korea – US Intel

“This is most likely a sign of a massive failure of the Russian military-industrial complex”

Moscow is buying artillery ammunition from North Korea, US media reported Monday citing intelligence sources.

US officials said The New York Times as Western sanctions have reduced Russia’s ability to source supplies for its ongoing offensive in Ukraine, Moscow has turned to North Korea for short-range rockets and artillery shells as well as military equipment additional.

“The Kremlin should be alarmed that it has to buy anything from North Korea,” said Mason Clark, who heads the Russian team at the Institute for the Study of War.

Although few details were provided by the declassified reports on the types of ammunition purchased by Moscow, experts believe that no high-tech, precision-guided weapons could be obtained from Pyongyang, as they were also cut off from international trade due to Western sanctions.

“This is most likely an indication of a massive failure of the Russian military-industrial complex which probably has deep roots and very serious implications for the Russian armed forces,” said Frederick W. Kagan, a military expert at the American Enterprise Institute. The New York Times.

The news came shortly after US intelligence reported that Russia had experienced ‘numerous failures’ with Iranian-made drones that were purchased for use in the war against Ukraine earlier this month. of August. Moscow is said to have acquired hundreds of Mohajer-6 and Shahed series unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from Tehran.

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Earlier Monday, Ukrainian officials said they had taken over several towns around Kherson in the south of the country occupied by Russian forces. Prior to these attacks, Ukrainian forces had launched strikes against Russian artillery and ammunition depots.