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Russia lost 1,393 tanks in Ukraine and 703 artillery pieces in Ukraine

Military expert and internal defense columnist Stavros Atlamazoglou breaks down the latest updates on the war in Ukraine – On day 105 of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Russian army is still trying to capture Severodonetsk. Over the past few days, Russian forces have made considerable gains, but Ukrainian defenders still hold positions in and around the strategic city.

During this time, the Ukrainian army continues its counter-offensive in the direction of Kherson and pushes back the Russian forces there.

Ukraine Update: The War in Severodonetsk and Beyond

In its daily war assessment, the British Ministry of Defense focused not only on the situation in Severodonetsk, but on Donbass in general and Kherson, where Ukraine is mounting a credible counter-offensive.

“Russia continues to attempt assaults on the Sieverodonetsk pocket from three directions although the Ukrainian defenses hold. It is unlikely either side has gained ground in the past 24 hours,” British Military Intelligence said. assessed.

The Russian army devoted the majority of its combat power in the Donbass and in particular the central part in and around Severodonetsk. As a result, Ukrainian forces are able to take advantage of this and reclaim territory lost elsewhere through limited counter-offensives. The Ukrainian advance towards Kherson is the most important of these counter-attacks.

“While Russia is concentrating its offensive on the central sector of Donbass, it has remained defensive on its flanks. Ukrainian forces have recently had some success counterattacking in the southwestern Kherson region, including regaining a foothold on the eastern bank of the Ingulets River,” the UK Ministry of Defense said.

Russian forces have likely established control of the majority of the residential area of ​​Severodonetsk and carried out assaults on Ukrainian positions in the industrial zone over the past 24 hours. The operating environment in the city remains fluid,” the Institute for the Study of Warfare assessed in its latest wartime update.

Further northwest, Russian forces attempted to break through Ukrainian defenses and encircle Severodonetsk from the rear. But this effort and the attempt from the south towards Bakhmut have so far failed miserably.

“Russian forces continued their efforts to advance on Sloviansk southeast of the Izyum region and west of Lyman, attempting to break through the Ukrainian defenses that halted most of the direct frontal assaults on Izyum,” added the Institute for the Study of War.

Now it’s all about balance. Both sides have offensive and defensive requirements. And national strategy should dictate where they commit their forces. For example, Russian President Vladimir Putin is seeking victory in Donetsk and Luhansk provinces, of which Severodonetsk is the last largest non-Russian-controlled urban center.

“With the occupied zone frontage stretching over 500 km, Russia and Ukraine face similar challenges in maintaining a defensive line while freeing up capable combat units for offensive operations,” added British military intelligence.

“In the occupied Kherson region, Russia is forcibly aligning its administration with that of the Russian Federation by introducing the Russian ruble as legal tender and employing Russian teachers to introduce Russian curriculum and language in schools. Russia will most likely claim its occupation of Kherson as proof of improved governance and living standards for the Ukrainian people,” the UK Ministry of Defense said.

Russian casualties in Ukraine

Russian casualties continue to rise in Ukraine at high levels.

Although the pace had slowed considerably, the Russian army suffered an unsustainable number of losses, both in men and material. Western sanctions are further hampering Moscow’s ability to bring advanced and capable military hardware to the field. However, Russian forces retain a long-range fire advantage, which they have used with relative tactical success in the Donbass.

The Ukrainian 93rd Mechanized Brigade reportedly targeted a column of the Russian 64th Motorized Rifle Brigade, including several T-80BV tanks, a BTR-82A and trucks, with artillery fire in Kharkiv Oblast. Image: Screenshot VIA Twitter.

Ukrainian Ministry of Defense claims that on Wednesday Ukrainian forces killed an estimated 31,500 Russian troops (and wounded about three times that number), destroyed 212 fighter, attack and transport aircraft, 178 attack and transport helicopters, 1,393 tanks, 703 artillery pieces, 3,429 armored personnel carriers, 213 multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), 13 boats and cutters, 2,406 vehicles and fuel tanks, 96 anti-aircraft batteries, 559 tactical unmanned aerial systems , 53 platforms of special equipment, such as bridging vehicles, and four mobile Iskander ballistic missile systems, and 125 cruise missiles shot down by Ukrainian air defenses.

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