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Russia reportedly targets food storage sites in Ukraine with artillery

The actions of Russian soldiers invading Ukraine could cause major famine in the region. According to a report by CNN, Russian troops steal agricultural equipment and thousands of tons of grain from farmers as they move through disputed areas of Ukraine.

“Chechen soldiers, fighting for Russia, act like criminals in the 1990s. First, they offer to buy grain at a ridiculously low price. But if you don’t agree, they take everything from you. nothing,” said the mayor of Melitopol. Ivan Fedorov Told CNN. “The scale of the looting is simply overwhelming.”

Fedorov said he saw Russian trucks transporting the grain to Crimea, where it will likely be sold by Russia for around $400 a ton.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense stated that approximately 400,000 tonnes of grain had been stolen by Russian forces.

In addition, the Russians would also target food storage sites, putting millions of tons of corn and wheat exports at risk. Anatoliy Detochka Told CNN that an artillery strike decimated his $5 million silo, destroying 17,000 tons of wheat and 8,500 tons of sunflower seeds, worth an estimated $13 million.

The United Nations World Food Program made a desperate plea to reopen Black Sea ports to food exports. The docks were constantly attacked during the two months of war.

“If we don’t harvest (the) next crop, the effect of hunger can be significant. And the main export route is the ports that are currently blocked,” Fedorov said.