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Russia still bombs Mariupol plant with ‘artillery, tanks, mortars, infantry’: Azov

The Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol is under “constant heavy selling” by Russian forces trying to seize the last remaining stronghold in the besieged port city, the Ukrainian Azov regiment said on Sunday.

The Russians are attacking with “artillery, tanks, mortars, infantry and snipers”, said the deputy commander of the Azov regiment, Sviatoslav Palamar.

He added that the battalion was uncertain whether any civilians remained in the steel plant despite evacuation efforts in recent days.

Palamar also said three Ukrainian soldiers were killed in days when Russia said it would implement a ceasefire and end “all hostilities”.

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“One of them died when an anti-tank guided missile hit a car that was supposed to evacuate civilians and take them to their destination. And two others died when bombs were dropped by drones. Six servicemen were also injured This is the price of evacuating civilians from the factory,” he added.

The Moscow army announced last Wednesday a ceasefire at the factory and the opening of a humanitarian corridor for the evacuation of civilians on May 5, 6 and 7.

Russian President Vladimir Putin declared victory in Mariupol and ordered his army not to storm the plan but to block it nearly three weeks ago.

Still, Ukrainian fighters reported that the fighting had not stopped and that Russia continued to attempt to storm the plant, which they said was not yet under Moscow’s control.

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