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Russian assault on Ukraine satellite image captures – Artillery + housing / Airport destruction / Airport battered / Residential damage / Chernobyl – SatNews

Burning fuel storage tanks and military equipment deployed around Antonov Airport. (Location: 50.588, 30.211)
Note that image 02 was collected yesterday afternoon by Maxar’s WorldView-1 satellite (black and white images only) at 2:20 p.m.

Maxar’s satellites have collected a large amount of images (more than 15,000 square kilometers collected on March 11) over Kiev, Chernihiv and Pripyat/Chernobyl which provide new visual details about the ongoing Russian military invasion in northern Ukraine.

All images are ©2022 Maxar Technologies.

Heavily damaged residential high-rise buildings in Borodyanka, northwest of Kyiv (location: 50.643, 29.933)
Destroyed warehouses in Stoyanka, western Kyiv region (location: 50.444, 30.231)
Long line of cars and people leaving Irpin and damaged bridge (location: 50.491, 30.259)

The large Russian military convoy last seen northwest of Kiev near Antonov Airport has widely dispersed and redeployed.

Supply trucks and probable multiple rocket launchers in firing position, Berestyanka (location: 50.686, 29.994

Armored units are seen maneuvering in and through the surrounding towns near the airport, elements of the convoy further north have repositioned and are deployed in the forests/along the tree lines near Lubyanka with towed artillery howitzers in nearby firing position.

Damage to commercial and residential property is seen in and around Kyiv and also in Chernihivnortheast of Kyiv.

Fires in the industrial zone and nearby fields, southern Chernihiv (location: 51.463, 31.258)

New images from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant are provided.

Overview and close-up view of the Chernobyl nuclear facilities (location: 51.388, 30.099)

WorldView-2 from Maxar satellite also collected new images of the Kiev region on March 11 at 11:00 a.m. local time). These images reveal that Russian military units continue to deploy closer to Kiev and actively fire artillery towards residential areas.

Military deployment of armored vehicles in a residential area: Ozera, Ukraine (location: 50.615, 30.214)

More dramatically still, Maxar collected an image that shows elements of an artillery battalion actively firing southeast.

Multispectral satellite images of an artillery battalion actively firing southeast (location: 50.622m 30.199)

Using the multispectral imaging bands on WorldView-2a flash of light can be seen coming from the muzzle of one of the artillery guns while smoke comes from five other guns, evidence that they also fired recently.

Although the targets of the artillery battalion cannot be confirmed, several houses and buildings are on fire and extensive impact damage and craters are seen throughout the city of Moschunnorthwest of Kyiv and about seven kilometers southeast of the artillery deployment.

Multispectral and natural color images showing destroyed houses, impact craters and fires in the town of Moschun (location: 50.613, 30.294)

Elsewhere in the region, fires continue to burn at Antonov Airport. Maxar also used multispectral imagery in this image to show where the fires are actively burning.

Multispectral satellite image showing damage to buildings and burning fuel storage tanks at Antonov Airport (location: 50.585, 30.212)

In the last image of this image collection gallery, long lines of cars are seen with people trying to flee Kyiv.

People and long line of cars trying to leave Kyiv (location: 50.488, 30.527)