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Russian fighter jets and artillery expand the attack and hit the center of industry

So far, the Russians have made the greatest advances on eastern and southern cities while struggling in the north and around kyiv.

Russia said it used high-precision long-range weapons to disable military airfields at Lutsk and Ivano-Frankivsk in the west. The Lutsk attack killed four Ukrainian servicemen, the mayor said.

Russian airstrikes also first targeted Dnipro, a major industrial hub in the east and Ukraine’s fourth-largest city, with around 1 million people. One person was killed, Ukrainian officials said.

In footage of the aftermath released by Ukraine’s emergency agency, firefighters extinguished a burning building and ash fell on bloody rubble. Smoke billowed from the broken concrete where the buildings once stood.

The shelling continued in Mariupol, where a deadly strike against a maternity hospital this week sparked international outrage and allegations of war crimes.

Relentless attacks have thwarted repeated attempts to send food and medicine and evacuate civilians from Mariupol, a city of 430,000 people. In a statement, the Mariupol mayor’s office said on Friday that the number of people killed during the siege which has now lasted 12 days had risen to 1,582.

Faced with the incessant bombardments, the dead are not even buried,” the town hall said.

Elsewhere, temperatures are expected to hit -13 degrees Celsius (8 Fahrenheit) in the eastern city of Kharkiv, which has come under heavy shelling.

About 400 apartment buildings in Kharkiv lost heat and Mayor Ihor Terekhov called on the remaining residents to descend to the metro or other underground shelters where blankets and hot food were distributed.