Artillery vehicle

Russian tanks and artillery take firing positions within range of the Ukrainian capital

Russia’s ferocious assault on Ukraine has entered its 16th day. New satellite images show that a column of Russian tanks and armored vehicles has dispersed north of Kiev for a possible ground assault on the capital. Earlier in the day, Russian airstrikes hit the town of Dnipro in central-eastern Ukraine, killing at least one person. The airstrikes reportedly hit a kindergarten, an apartment building and a shoe factory. Long-range Russian missiles also hit airfields in two western cities. Some 400,000 people remain trapped by Russian forces in the besieged city of Mariupol. Residents of the area say they have suffered near-constant artillery attacks in freezing temperatures, without heat, electricity or communications, and with a shortage of food and water.

Resident of Anadol“There is nothing here. It is the first time that we have bread and food here. There was nothing before, today is the first day. There is no information, no electricity, it’s just a vacuum.

Resident of Anadol“My children are in Mariupol and near Kiev. I don’t know, there’s no cell phone service so we can’t get in touch. For two weeks, we don’t know what’s going on with them, and where they are — our children! It’s very scary.