Artillery types

Russians exploit greater artillery range to shell Mykolaiv mayor

Roman Petrenko – Friday, June 10, 2022, 11:32 a.m.

Mykolaiv Mayor Olexander Senkevych reported that the Russian self-propelled Pion [Peony] the artillery is able to fire on the Korabelniy and Ingulsky quarters of the city at any time as they are within the distance of the city covered by the artillery.

Source: Senkevych in an interview with “RBK-Ukraine

Quote from Senkevych: “The Russians put up self-propelled artillery units of the Pion type. Their range, depending on the shells used, can be up to 47 kilometers.

They transfer them from Crimea to Kherson Oblast. The enemy troops then reach a safe distance and fire on Mykolaiv. The Pawns are able to reach two areas – the remote Korabelniy region and part of the Ingulsky district of the city of Mykolaiv.

They bring them 10-15 kilometers from Kherson and from there shoot within the defined radius. Our artillery can hit 20-30 kilometers – it does not reach them.

However, the special operations forces eliminate them. Several units of these “Pawns” have already been destroyed. There is information, however, that the Russians are continuing to assemble these artillery units in Kherson Oblast.”

Details: Senkevych believes that the purpose of bombing residential areas is murder, psychological destabilization and a demonstration of their presence.

Why is this important: Air raid warnings are not effective against artillery strikes as these can happen at any time and you may not have time to prepare.

Mykolaiv City Hall asks people to leave the city or, at least. move from dangerous areas to safe areas.

Recall: During the morning attacks by Russian troops on Mykolaiv on June 6, there were victims among the population; one person was killed.