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Sky Saber installed as new colors of 16 Regiment Royal Artillery

16 Regiment Royal Artillery bid farewell to its Rapier missile system and welcomed a state-of-the-art air defense system.

As an anti-aircraft unit, 16 Regiment Royal Artillery is equipped with the Sky Saber air defense system, which will become, for ceremonial purposes, its new colours.

Regimental colors are usually flags, used to identify regiments amid the smoke and chaos of the battlefield.

If the colors were taken in battle, it symbolized the defeat of that regiment and therefore the colors would be fiercely defended at all costs.

However, for the Royal Artillery, their guns were their most valuable asset and assumed the mantle of regimental colours.

A significant upgrade, Sky Saber can hit a tennis ball traveling at several times the speed of sound with its missiles capable of traveling at 2,300 miles per hour.

Watch: Sky Saber, the Army’s new “state of the art” air defense system.

It can also target and destroy drones, with the British military saying the system is indicative of their modernization plans.

Rapier was driven from the parade ground in front of the assembled troops and Lieutenant-General Sir Chris Tickell KBE – the senior inspecting officer.

Then in a fanfare baptized “Sky Saber”, specially prepared for the occasion, the new system is announced by raising in unison two hydraulic arms above the parade.

The Sky Saber system will be based at Baker Barracks, West Sussex, although its first deployment will be to replace Rapier batteries on the Falkland Islands.