Artillery types

The detonation of an artillery projectile rocket rocks the city of Rushville

On the evening of Monday, February 28, an explosion woke up the sleepy town of Rushville. The incident happened around 8:30 p.m. But the whole process started much earlier in the day.

A search warrant was executed by the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Department at a private residence in Rushville earlier today. During this search, an explosive device was located and deemed dangerous.

The Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) Bomb Squad unit was contacted and informed of the find.

The NSP Bomb Squad responded to the call and determined the device to be an artillery projectile rocket and believed it to be a real explosive device.

Due to the aircraft’s military classification, the NSP Bomb Squad then contacted the Air National Guard’s 155th Air Refueling Wing to assist in the handling of the aircraft.

The two organizations then proceeded to Rushville and the rocket from the artillery projectile was transported to a safe place and destroyed by a counter-charge.

Due to the distance the National Guard EOD unit had to travel to assist and the protocols that had to be followed to make the area safe to detonate, the artillery projectile fuze detonated at approximately 8:30 p.m. that evening.

“Explosive devices can be extremely dangerous,” said Private Gabe Skalka, commander of the NSP Bomb Squad. “If you ever find anything like one of these items, call the authorities immediately and do not attempt to move it. Our teams can be called in to handle and dispose of the items safely.

NSP has Hazardous Device Technicians stationed throughout the state to work with local authorities for this type of situation. NSP also partners with the Nebraska National Guard’s EOD Unit for many operations throughout the year.