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The Russians covered Dnipropetrovsk with “Uraganiv” and artillery: first details

It happened without causing any casualties. Photo:

The occupiers shelled Dnipropetrovsk again on the night of July 28.

The Russians attacked the towns and villages of the region with “Uraganiv” and cannon artillery, the head of the regional military administration announced on Thursday morning Valentin Reznichenko in Telegram.

“At night, the enemy tested us with alarms and fired at the Krivorizka district. The Russian army covered two communities in the district with fire – Zelenodolsk and Apostolivsk,” he wrote.

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In the community of Zelenodol, Malii Kostromtsi took care of Zelenodolsk himself. Several houses were damaged in the village, water pipes and gas pipes were damaged. In the Apostolivska hromada, the enemy attacked the village of Ukrainka. It is destruction.

It happened without causing any casualties.

In other areas, the region is calm at the moment, Reznichenko added.

On the night of July 26, the Russian army attacked the Dnipropetrovsk region. Attacks again took place in the Krivorizky and Nikopol regions, Valentin Reznichenko reported.

In the village of Shirokiv, the enemy was able to withstand artillery fire in the village of Koshov. Power line damaged. Chervonogrigorivska and Marganetska communities were “covered” by volley rocket systems, no damage was caused. No casualties in either case.