Artillery types

The Ukrainian security service holds a premises that served as an artillery observer for the occupiers in Kryvyi Rih



Ukraine’s Security Service has arrested an employee of a major company in Kryvyi Rih who aided the invaders by reporting fire fixes to them in the city, and who may have been involved in rocket attacks by the invaders on the local airport in March.

Source: the press services of the Security Service of Ukraine and the Attorney General’s Office

Quotation: “According to the investigation, from May to July 2022, a person acting as an agent of the special services of the Russian Federation transmitted, via Telegram, screenshots of Google Maps with tags on the locations of military installations, military personnel and equipment of the Ukrainian armed forces on the territory of Kryvyi Rih.

Details: The detainee had also provided the invaders with information on the results of attacks already carried out on critical and civilian infrastructure – airports and bridges in the city and region.

The invaders used the information received to plan initial and repeated attacks against these targets.


The detainee’s involvement in correcting fire for the missile strike on Kryvyi Rih airport on March 10 is also verified.

During the searches, it was discovered that the detainee had means of communication which he used to communicate with his Russian master. The correspondence contains details of the tasks assigned as an agent and reports on their implementation.

Background: On July 9, Russian missiles destroy an industrial enterprise in the urban-type settlement of Radushne, Kryvyi Rih district, Dnipropetrovsk oblast.