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Ukraine is now hitting Russia with artillery strikes

The Ukrainians want to give civilians in Russia a taste of their own medicine, and Ukrainian artillery fire is now hitting civilian targets across the border. It’s a turn of events to watch closely as artillery warfare resumes. The shelling specifically hit Belgorod Oblast in southwestern Russia, north of the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. One person was killed and three others injured by Ukrainian fire in a village in this region on 11 May.

Remarkable but ephemeral

Ukraine struck Russia again on May 15. Kyiv Independent said“Belgorod Oblast Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov claimed that the village of Sereda in Shebekino district was shelled from Ukrainian territory, claiming that a civilian was injured by shrapnel Previously, Ukraine has neither confirmed nor denied having bombed Russian regions.

Some military analysts on social media are pointing out that Ukrainian artillery could target Russian supply lines as the defenders counterattack and move north past Kharkiv.

Shashank Joshidefense editor at The Economist, assigned to Twitter May 16 that according to the security commentator Konrad Muzyka, “‘Ukraine will be able to hit Russian logistics lines passing through Vovenchansk (from Belgorod to Izyum).’ And, he said, ‘[it is] it is likely that Ukraine will be able to bomb Russian soil around Belgorod.

Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podoliak Told Al Jazeera that Russia brought him.

“If you [Russians] decide to massively attack another country, massively kill everyone there, massively run over peaceful people with tanks and use warehouses in your areas to enable the killings, then sooner or later the debts will have to be reimbursed,” Podolyak said.

While it is remarkable to see Ukraine bombing Russian civilian targets, the effects could be fleeting. The Ukrainians would need to move a lot more artillery into position to hit Russian residential areas and supply lines for that to make a difference.

Nevertheless, the bombing is a psychological blow for Russia. No one expected the war to last this long, let alone see Ukraine strike Russian territory. This is a propaganda victory for Ukraine.

What is war

The war has boiled down to artillery duels in eastern Ukraine. This type of combat will take a heavy toll on civilians on both sides. Russia also faces logistical hurdles, and artillery fire from Ukraine could shake Moscow’s confidence in its ability to resupply Russian forces. Ukraine regularly pushes back against Russia. We will likely see additional bombardments of Russian civilian and military targets, even if their effectiveness is limited.

Ukraine will receive more towed and self-propelled artillery systems from the United States and other NATO members. This artillery could take weeks to reach the front lines near Kharkiv, but it will eventually join the other means deployed by Ukraine. When this happens, search for other Russian victims in the Belgorod region.

Now as 1945 Defense and National Security Editor, Brent M. EastwoodPh.D., is the author of Humans, Machines and Data: Future Trends in Warfare. He is an emerging threat expert and former US Army infantry officer. You can follow him on Twitter @BMEastwood.