Artillery vehicle

Ukraine launches 20 airstrikes and 300 artillery strikes against enemy forces in the south of the country

Ukraine launched another strike on the Kakhovka bridge in the occupied zone of southern Ukraine, eliminating more than 50 Russian servicemen and some 20 units of military equipment, and shooting down a combat plane and a helicopter.

This is reported by Ukrinform with reference to the Southern Operational Command.

The enemy continues its efforts to hold the defensive lines but, under the influence of our proactive movements, it is forced to establish new ones, further from the current front line.

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“The Armed Forces of Ukraine have carried out preparatory work on the identification of checkpoints, clusters of enemy weapons and equipment and locations to which supplies are being transported, including by rail, from Crimea temporarily busy. Fire control is established at these locations,” the statement said.

The Ukrainian Air Force carried out 20 strikes. An enemy Mi-8 helicopter was destroyed in the Mykolaiv district, while a Russian Su-25 attack aircraft was shot down by air defense in the Beryslav district of the Kherson region.

Missile and artillery units performed 290 fire missions, including hitting a pontoon in Nova Kakhovka, two groups of weapons and equipment in Beryslav district, three groups in Kakhovka and Kherson districts, one electronic warfare system in the Krutyi Yar district, a Tor anti-aircraft missile system in the Bashtanka district of the Mykolaiv region, and a weapons and equipment convoy in Kakhovka.

Another strike on the Kakhovka bridge was confirmed.

Other confirmed enemy casualties over the past day include 51 troops, a 152mm Msta-B howitzer, a main battle tank and 16 other armored vehicles.

Fifteen enemy warships and boats are maneuvering in the Black Sea, including one submarine and three surface carriers of Kalibr cruise missiles. A total of 28 such missiles are ready for launch.